Municipal Venues

Attract your Visitors attention to:
Local Events – Festivities – Businesses

Mock-up image of a Lumen Banner designed to direct visitors to specific locations.

You Are Here

Our system is designed to guide visitors to find parking lots, street’s names and landmarks etc.

Arrows indicate the direction of the listed destinations in order of proximity to the sign location.

Image of a Lumen Banner with a specific message to 'Buckle up for safety'.


Our Lumen Banner adds vibrancy to downtown streets and provide a low-cost means for cultural institutions, arts and civic groups — non-profit organizations to communicate their message.

Highly effective in promoting a variety of events and festivities.

Increase exposure for local businesses to the city residents and attract more visitors to the city.

Mock-up image of a Lumen Banner listing different cultural attractions.

Cultural Events

Promote your single or multiple cultural events.

Placed on light poles along highly visible areas along your main streets — combined with wayfinding — day and night using our unique illuminated banners.

Directional street signs

Whether you are walking, driving, or riding transit the Lumen Banner Directional signs can point you in the right direction.

The Benefits:

  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Support your local business
  • Customizable structures which flawlessly integrate into the venue
  • Internal promotion opportunities
  • Assists in directing traffic day and night, therefore avoiding congestion
  • Increases appeal of parking lots — attracting more visitors

Reduce your budget and increase your revenue targeting visitors with one of our service options:

Option 1

Option 1: Full Service Operation

Full-Service Operation

At no cost, Street Media will provide and install Lumen Banners in return for a licensing agreement to design, print, install, and remove the banners on your program. For these ongoing services (printing, installation and maintenance) Street Media will charge the municipality or their customers a service fee. This option allows us to sell the banner’s advertising space to local business sponsorship for non-profit ads (museums, events, etc).

Option 2

Option 2: Purchasing the Sign

Purchasing the Sign

Street Media will manufacture the signs and provide the necessary training to install the signs.