An Illuminated Banner

Lumen Banner mock-up with images and logos on it.

The Lumen Banner is a pole-mounted banner — always visible — a vibrant and unique way to display messages and promotions.

The Lumen Banner elegant designs blend into the surrounding area while delivering an effective message. Day and night. Enhance the character of the location, street name, parking lot section, terminal name, etc.

Easily mounted on street light poles and connected to existing electrical system, providing full flexibility. Each sign is equipped with LED lights to minimize consumption low maintenance costs.

The Lumen Banner

The Lumen Banner is internally lit, dual-sided, and tightly stretched, allowing for easy reading by pedestrians and drivers at a distance of 200 feet. For greatest impact, the Lumen Banner signs are strategically placed on existing light poles at:

  • Light Poles on Streets


  • Parking lot entrance and exits

    Entrances and exits

  • Parking areas

    Parking areas

  • Pickup and drop off locations

    Pick-up and drop-off locations

  • Transportation stations

    Transportation stations

  • Parks and other public spaces

    Parks and public spaces

  • Up-close image of a Lumen Banner installed at Willow Grove Park. The banner displays an advertisement for UPS.
  • Image of a Lumen Banner displayed on a light pole in the King of Prussia parking lot. It displays an advertisement for Amtrak.
  • Image of a Lumen Banner displaying an advertisement for the Greater Valley Forge Chamber of Commerce in a parking lot that is easy to read during the day.
  • Image of a back lit Lumen Banner showcasing it's bright and easy to read lettering and lighting even at night.
  • Image of a backlit Lumen Banner showcasing it's bright and easy to read lettering and lighting even at night.

    The Canopy

    The Lumen Banner canopies compliment the architecture, providing a themed extension.

    Lumen Banner canopies can be customized to a specific shape and color — such as street name and a logo at the dome of the sign.

    Lumen Banner featuring Walnut Street in Philadelpia, Pennsylvania.

    About Street Media

    Over 40 years in promotion and advertising in the U.S. and abroad.

    Workers installing a Philadelphia Phillies logo on an office window using a boom lift.

    Street Media Corporation is an independent company that has developed and patented the Lumen Banner advertising system. Our mission is to introduce a better advertising that will generate additional revenue to facility owners while retaining the character of neighborhoods, facilities, and campus environments.

    Our unique Lumen Banner media allows us to develop a new venue and offered a new form of outdoor advertising to clients where no advertising existed.

    We have printed and installed promotions at airports, main street America, center city districts events, visitors centers, malls, retail stores, national conventions, universities, sport venues, museums, etc.

    Our goal is to introduce friendly signs that benefit both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, comprised of a comprehensive user-friendly system. Add vibrancy to main street America and provide a low-cost signage system.