Commercial Venues

With no financial investment required, we will provide a full-service advertising operation.

This option allows for the advertising space to be sold by Street Media to potential advertisers.

Additional benefits will include:

  • Share of advertising revenue
  • Location identification and venue logo
  • Customizable structures designed to seamlessly integrate into the venue
  • 24/7 Maintenance
  • Unsold advertising space used for internal promotion by the venue
  • Create an attractive opportunity for vendors to promote new products and services
  • Create region-wide campaigns at low costs

Reduce your advertising budget and increase your revenue by targeting visitors directly at your venue.

Option 1

Full Service Operation

Full-Service Operation

With a service fee this option will allow the venue to have full control of Lumen Banner advertising or promotional space while Street Media Corporation provides full service of printing, installation and 24/7 Maintenance.

Option 2

Sell Advertising Space

Sell Advertising Space

With no financial investment required, This option allows for Lumen Banner advertising space to be sold by Street Media and the revenue generated to be shared with the venue.

Option 3

Purchasing the Sign

Purchasing the Sign

Street Media will manufacture the signs and provide the necessary training to install the signs.